The Ugly Face Of Technology

Innovation has two faces: the maker, and the destroyer.

Year 2000 and five. We are subjugated by the complex web of modernization, in a hurry for what is in and what is the most recent...

As of late, I ran over an article on the most recent PDA demonstrate finish with redesigned services...another mechanical leap forward. Innovation never stops to astound me. It has made lives, including mine, a ton less demanding with the presentation of push catches. Indeed, even design is woven into innovation. Who can oppose it? Indeed, even I am intrigued with one of its items, the Internet.

Hundreds of years back, who might have figured people could fly or chat with a man miles away? Presently we have planes overcoming the skies and phones that keep us in contact with people over the miles.

Be that as it may, innovation's advantages are invalidated by its Pandoran blessings which innovation, with all its ability, can't cover up. Weapons like firearms and atomic bombs, made to ensure and guard, can bring demolition in the event that they fall into the wrong hands. Take a gander at computerized machines that are undermining specialists' business. Machines are replacing numerous workers.

Innovation is a statement of human knowledge, hunger for headway and eagerness. It gives us the impression of a splendid future for humanity. It can spare lives and improve our method for living. Be that as it may, it additionally realizes pulverization.

I am not saying no to innovation. It would resemble requesting that you live like stone age men. All I am stating is that something, which brings so much power, involves an awesome awareness of other's expectations.

Innovation is just great or fiendishness once characterized by the hands that hold its reins. Which would you need to be - a maker, or a destroyer?